Bridal Shower Cake Jewelry
Bridal shower cake jewelry is one more way to personalize your party. It is easier than ever to add some extra "bling" to the occasion. So, if you've never heard of bridal shower cake jewelry, scan the following questions. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the options available.

What is cake jewelry?

Decorations for the top of the cake that add some type of sparkle.

How does it differ from traditional toppers?

As the name implies, bridal shower cake jewelry involves some kind of shine, whether its crystal, rhinestone, silver, gold, or glass. It is ornamental in nature.

What types of cake jewelry are available?

Monograms are very popular. You can also use silk flowers with crystals, in a color to match your decorations. A jeweled picture frame is another great idea.

How do I decide which topper to use?

Consider your theme, the type of party you are having, and the size of the cake.

Where can I purchase these?

Your local bakery, craft store, and online.

Are all toppers the same?

Like anything else, you usually get what you pay for, so compare your choices. Remember, this isn't the wedding cake, so stick to your budget.

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